History of Family Farm

History of Beach Family Farm


Three generations of Beach family farmers. (Back Row: Paul & Carolyn Beach. Middle Row: Duane & Rose Beach. Front Row: Andrew & Lisa Beach with daughter Clara)

    Beach Family Farm is a fifth generation homestead starting back in 1901 in Monroe, WI.  In the early years the Beach’s were dairy farmers, along with hogs, horses, and chickens.  In 1955, the dairy herd was sold by my grandfather Duane in exchange for a crossbred beef herd, which we are still  raising on the farm today.  

    The farm has slowly expanded its acres and herd to its current size while always being run and owned by family members.  Presently the Beach Family Farm also raises a small Boer Goat herd and grows their own hops, barley, and berries for production and brewing under their beer label Cheese City Beer.

    Beach Family Farm  has the reputation in the area for producing multiple Grand Champions in show cattle and hogs, which have been shown by family members at the Green County Fair.  The entire family plays a part of the farming process and are proud of the animals and final product we offer.

Beach Family Farm currently has a crossbred herd of Angus beef cattle.  The entire process from calving to finishing takes place on the Family Farm.  Andrew and his father Paul take pride in caring for and finishing each and every calf that is born while maintaining herd health and stability.  No artificial steroids, hormones, or antibiotics are given to the cattle that are consumed.

Cattle are raised and grass fed in open pasture in summer, moved to corn stalks and fed hay in winter, and lastly finished on silage and grain in spring, all which is produced on the Family Farm.  All feed is grown and harvested on the Beach Family Farm by Beach family members.

Calves are born in spring, in a four-week time period starting March 1st.  Cattle then reach maturity and are ready for consumption when they reach 12-14 months old.  The animal is then transported by Beach Family Farm to state inspected meat-processing plants in New Glarus, WI and Darlington, WI.  Beach Family Farm will also take care of delivering the frozen packages of beef  to your doorstep.

Why Crossbred?

Beach Family Farm has built it’s herd using crossbreeding for many other reasons other then the eye appeal of multiple colors grazing in the pasture all summer long!  On average, crossbreeding in the cow herd results in a 16% improvement in longevity-meaning each cow produces an average of one more calf during her lifetime.  Crossbred calves tend to be more vigorous and faster growing than similar pure-bred calves with about a 4% advantage in weaning weights.  This allows the calves to be raised to market weights without the use of steroids or growth hormones!

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