History of Family Farm

History of Beach Family Farm


    Beach Family Farm is a six generation homestead dating back to 1901 in Monroe, WI.  In the early years the Beach’s were dairy farmers with hogs, horses, and chickens.  In 1955, the dairy herd was sold by my grandfather Duane in exchange for an Angus Cross beef herd.

     The farm believes and practices values such as sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and animal husbandry.  All while being run and owned by family members.  No-till and cover cropping are a few of the resources we use for our land management.  The Beach Family Farm also  raises all their own feed for our Heritage Breed Hogs (Berkshire and Duroc) and Angus Beef Cattle.

     Beach Family Farm  has the reputation in the area for producing great tasting beef and pork and multiple Grand Champions in performance carcass cattle.  The entire family plays a role in the farming process and is proud of the final product we offer.

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