Due to Covid-19 safe free delivery is available to your porch/doorstep/curb/garage to minimize social contact.

Free Delivery up to 45 miles from Monroe, WI, $0.55/mile after.

All cuts are available for order as well as ⅛, ¼, or ½ an animal. 

Local Family Farm, Quality Assurance Certified, No Antibiotic, No Steroids, No Growth Hormones, Sustainable Conservation Family Farm.  No minimum order to purchase.  To order, visit our CONNECT page and we will return your message or call at our earliest convenience.


30 lb Sample Box: $225

2 Roasts

6 Steaks

15 lbs. Ground Beef

10 lb Sample Box: $85

1 Roast

2 Steaks

5 lbs. Ground

Steak Boxes

12 steaks: $150

6 steaks: $80

Ground Beef Boxes

10 lbs: $60

5 lbs: $32

1 lbs: $7

Bulk: 1/4 of Beef ($825)

Steaks cut at ¾”, 6 Rib Eye Steaks, 6 T-Bone Steaks, 6 Round Steaks, 4 Sirloin Steaks, 4 Chuck Roast (3#), 1 Arm Roast (3#), 1 Rump Roast, 45# Ground Beef, 2 Liver, Brisket (4-5lb), and Ribs.  Orders can be modified to fit your preferences.

Required Freezer Space: A ¼ beef will net approx. 110lb take home meat.  This is equivalent to about 4 cubic ft. of freezer space or 5 full-size grocery bags.


Sample Box: $175

4 Bone-in Chops, 4 Butterfly Chops, 2lbs Bacon, 2 Ham Steaks, 1 Pack Spare Ribs, 1 Shoulder Roast (3lb), 1 Ham Roast (5lb), 1 Pack Breakfast Links, 1 Pack Brats (6 brats)


10lbs: $105

5 lbs: $55 

1 lbs: $12

Bulk: 1/2 of Hog ($375) 

4 Shoulder Roasts (3lbs), 2 packs Spare Ribs, 8lb of Bacon, Ham (20lbs) smoked roasts and steaks, 3/4″ bone in chops (24 chops), remaining trim into preference of breakfast links, brats, or ground pork


All cuts are also priced individually and bulk 1/4, 1/2, and whole, just ask!


Hoesly’s Meats

219 Industrial Dr
            New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574     
 (608) 527-2513 

2022-August 4th-2 Beef, November 23rd-3 Beef

Avon Locker Plant LLC

12026 State Hwy 23
            Darlington, Wisconsin 53530     
 (608) 776-2336 
2022-May 26th-2 Beef, June 2nd-2 Beef, June 9th-2 Beef, July 1st-1 Beef, Oct. 6th-2 Beef
2023-May 11th-2 Beef, May 25th-2 Beef, June 8th-3 Beef, June 22nd-2 Beef, July 13th-2 Beef,
Aug 10th 2 Beef, Sept 14th-2 Beef, Oct 5th-2 Beef

AJ’s Lena Maid Meats

500 W. Main St.
Lena, IL 61048

Weber’s Processing Plant Inc

725 N Jackson St.

Cuba City, WI 53807

(608) 744-2159

2022-May 2nd-4 Hogs, June 6th 5 Hogs