Our Farm

Beach Family Farm raises an Angus beef herd and Heritage Breed Hogs (Berkshire and Duroc).  The entire process from birth to finishing takes place on the Family Farm.  No artificial steroids, hormones, or antibiotics are given to the cattle or hogs that are consumed. 


Calves are born during two four-week time periods starting February 15th and August 15th.  This way we are able to provide beef year round to customers. 
Cattle will reach maturity and be ready for consumption around 15 months of age.
Cattle are raised and grass fed in open pasture in summer, moved to corn stalks and fed hay in winter, and lastly finished on hay and corn silage in spring.  This feeding schedule provides the needed nutrition and energy for our animals to maintain a healthy reproductive system.


The hog herd is scheduled to have a new litter almost every month of the year on the farm.  This allows us to efficiently maintain space and efficiently feed at different stages of growth.  Hogs will reach maturity and be ready for consumption around 7 months of age. 
Hogs are raised in our open air barn and spend time out in the pasture during summer.  They are fed a vegetarian diet and slowly and efficiently grown to create the more flavorful and juicier meat.    
Animal husbandry is very important which is why we are Beef Quality Assurance Certified.  Animals are then transported by Beach Family Farm to a local federally inspected meat-processing plant.  Beach Family Farm then delivers the frozen packages of beef/pork  to your doorstep and you are ready to enjoy.
Beach Family Farm takes great pride in raising beef cattle and hogs from start to finish so you know exactly where your food that you consume comes from and how it is grown.